Meet our Superintendent of Schools
Beecher Baker
Beecher Baker

March 2018

Superintendent's Message 



February 2018

As we look back on the first half of the school year it’s important to recognize the accomplishments of our students and staff. I think of the Mini-Marathon Dance that raised over $16,000 to help local individuals in need or the “No Place for Hate” initiative at the Jr./Sr. High School which has been driven by our students being mentored by adults and directed at putting an end to harassment and bullying. I think of some individual student accomplishments like Caitlyn Fuss being selected as a Student of Excellence, Connor Backus scoring his 1000 points in basketball or a former student Rachel Powers being accepted to Cornell Veterinary School. Staff member Barbie Eichorst was selected as “Teacher of the Week” by a local radio show and Kathleen Maguire has gained National Board Certification as a teacher to enhance her instruction and work with others to enhance theirs. In writing this I have only scratched the surface of some of the great things our students and staff do each and every day. As we move to the second half of the school year take a pause to notice other positive endeavors by our school that make a difference.