Meet our Superintendent of Schools
Beecher Baker
Beecher Baker

Septmber 2018

I write to welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year. The first full week of school is behind us and we cherish the opportunity to work with the children of our district in a safe and comfortable surrounding.

 Over the summer over 50 new cameras have been added to our school buildings, as well as a key swipe system to identify who and when people come and go. We again maintain two (2) Warren County SRO’s in our district, one at the HL Junior-Senior High School and one at the Stuart M. Townsend Elementary School. Front door personnel are in place to identify appropriate individuals prior to entering the buildings and lock-down procedures have been upgraded, modified and instituted. We at HL feel that the safety of students and staff comes first. 

This summer also brought about change in our staffing as well, with 10 new teachers bringing new ideas and approaches to our schools. Part of our new staffing is the addition of a business teacher to the junior-senior high school. So many of our students look to business careers after high school, these courses serve as an introduction to finance and the economics pertinent to the business world.

One of our greatest strengths is the sense of community that radiates from our schools. Parents, community members and organizations like our PTSA/Booster Clubs give to our schools generously in terms of time, talent and resources. A key component of a successful and thriving community is how education and the educational experience is supported and valued by all community members. At HLCS we are blessed by the support we receive and our students are the true benefactors.

I wish everyone a safe and productive school year at HLCS


Beecher Baker, Supt. Of Schools - HLCSD