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Eagle News 2/12/14


Declining enrollments, tight budgets and calls for consolidation from the state have encouraged the Corinth and Hadley-Luzerne school districts to embark on a series of joint ventures that aim to provide additional opportunities to their students, to seek management efficiencies and cost savings.

The Hadley-Luzerne Central School District and Corinth Central School District Board of Educations have met regularly during the last two years. Superintendent’s Dr. Daniel Starr at Corinth and Paul Berry at Hadley-Luzerne have been encouraged by their respective boards of education to chart a future course that emphasizes opportunity and cooperation between the two districts. The neighboring districts have a strong history of sharing transportation and special education services. Additionally, joint discussions over the past two school years have revealed other interests and opportunities:

  • Academic Programming:  A small number of students from each school district are being cross-enrolled at their neighboring district to take advantage of courses not offered at the home school. Forensics, nanotechnology and special education offerings currently highlight this share that saves each district by offering students additional academic opportunities with only an additional transportation expense.
  • Professional Development: A key lever to improve student achievement in both districts, professional development teams from both districts are collaborating to assess training needs and deliver quality professional development programs that can be attended by staff from both districts.
  • Shared Bus Garage: Both Corinth and Hadley-Luzerne are in need of a new bus garage.  This joint effort will continue to be researched, in addition to the work already accomplished in this area.  The joint board meeting revealed that both districts have supported sharing of bus routes, buses, vans, mechanics and equipment on an as needed basis.  This has already saved each district funds through these sharing efforts.
  • Shared Equipment and Staff Expertise: The purchase of new equipment is expensive and often, special use equipment such as tractors, plows, and mechanical equipment can be shared between the districts. Superintendents of transportation and buildings and grounds from each district have customarily shared equipment and services and will be encouraged to explore other opportunities and continue to maximize efficiencies within each department.
  • Commitment to Continue: The boards of education for each school district, along with the respective superintendents of schools, are committed to continuing their joint ventures. They will meet at least twice each school year to assess joint sharing progress and explore future opportunities.


Two key outcomes are sought in these joint activities: provide additional opportunities for students and explore opportunities for management efficiency, cost reduction or savings. The next joint meeting with Corinth will be on June 10th at Corinth. We invite and encourage each school community to participate in our discussions and joint activities.



Pre K: Grayson Hack

Kindergarten: Logan Alejandro

1st  Grade: Hailey Codacovi

2nd Grade: Justin Hull



Pre K: Cassandra Hayes

Kindergarten:  Lynette Bourdeau

1st  Grade:  Zachary Fieldstadt

2nd Grade:  Knoa Maynard



Congratulations to the following Character Education winners for “Integrity”.


Pre K: Ryan Novotarski, Lillian Riffle

Kindergarten: Zoey Allen, Peyton Graham, Marcus Curley

McKenzie Maslonka, Adryana Benway, LexiAnne Kent

1st  Grade: Jazmin Quito, Riley Graham, Kamdon Tubbs

Karleigh Livingston, Kimberly Fisk, Marisa Shippee, Codey Tucker

2nd Grade: Sid Mosher, Mariah Blake, Gabrielle Graham

Angelina Fisk, Evan Kader, Randi Allen



3rd Grade: Jessica Amoroso, Kiley Deuel, Joshua Ellis, Jordanna Kenny, Olivia Palmatier, Aidan Price, Christian Tyler

4th Grade: Colin Berg, Josh Foley, Kelly Hogan, Angelina Livingston, Keith Mattison, Alyssa Russell, Damian Smith

5th Grade: Xavier Benson, Jane Broekhuizen, Joey Cieslik,

Sam O’Donovan, Yianni Stathopoulos

6th Grade: Michael Allan, Anna Collier, Jonathon Fraser,

Chad Harris, Evan Laubach, Azriel Mac,

7th Grade: Jay Allen, Emily Johnson, Zach Lewandowski,

Kendra Mason, Totianna Nunez, Erik Schreiner, Jessica Skelly

8th Grade: Hannah Ashline,Kyra Emery,Reice Hayes,

Mackenzie Jerome, Billy Winslow



On Tuesday, February 18th, during our Mid-Winter Recess, the Billy Martin Circus will perform in the Hadley-Luzerne George Doherty High School Gym at 7:00 pm. Tickets purchased in advanced are only $10 per adult.  Tickets at the door are $15 per adult.  Two children (12 and under) are free with an adult accompanying them.  Purchase your tickets in advance at any of the three main school offices. This is a fundraising event for SADD and Key Club. This is an exciting evening of entertainment and fun for all ages!!  For more information call the Hadley-Luzerne High School Office at 696-2112 Ext. 105.

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