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Eagle News 1/02/14



Pre K: Dylon Kelly

Kindergarten: Adriana Carpenter

1st  Grade: Samuel Hill

2nd Grade: Madison Lent



Congratulations to the following Character Education winners for RESPECT:


Pre K: Samuel Baker, Sadie Tennyson

Kindergarten: Karissa Fullerton, Adryana  Bewnway, Alexis Graham, Damion Leary Olivia Ortiz, Gavin Wood

1st  Grade: Samantha Allen, Sarah Cooper, Marcus Curley,

Riley Graham, Hope  Solorzao, Alkinoos  Stathopoulas,

Danica Tyler

2nd Grade: Nevaeh   Deuel, Matthew Scheff, Madison Haas,

Jacob Blachut, Kyle Kathan, Scott Guilder


3rd Grade:  Alexandra Benway, Liam Hughes, Chloey Mattison, Emily Myers, Tyler Plummer, Jack Waterhouse

4th Grade:  Tori Granger, Keith Mattison, Alyssa Russell, Emily Tubbs, Hunter Tubbs, Cody Wilson

5th Grade:  Ethan Carbery, Kayla Kenny, Kevin Mason, Isaiah Smead, Andrew Spraragen

6th Grade:  Michael Allan, Austin Bover, Alivia Deuel, Lilah Lugo, Natalie Younes

7th Grade:  Jay Allen, Sarah Corliss, Chelsea Mahoney, Cassidy Plummer, Cole Sesselman, Jessica Skelly, Jillian Tigaldao, Reese Wheaton, Erik Schreiner

8th Grade:  Kyra Emery, Andrew Foley, William Winslow


As you know, our school community has investigated the opportunity to reconfigure its grades several times over the last two decades. On each occasion, the process stalled as the costs rose. Last fall, the district received word from the state education department that the grades could be reconfigured with far fewer building renovations and lower costs. The grade reconfiguration plan being presented is a product of that news. The plan proposes to bring all of the elementary grades (PK-6; including Head Start) under one roof at the current middle school. Students in grades 7-12 would attend school at the current elementary/high school. Bathroom renovations, science classroom improvements, carpet replacement and abatement for some classrooms and other areas of the elementary wing and high school are part of the proposed project that will allow the grade reconfiguration to occur. Taxes will not be raised to pay for the renovations. Funding for the project will be taken from our fund balance (savings) and our capital fund. State building aid will return 58% of the cost of the renovations (approximately $510,000) over a 15 year period reducing the cost to the district even further.


It is hoped that reconfiguring the grades will improve student achievement by better aligning the grades, resources and practices needed to significantly improve reading instruction; in addition, grade reconfiguration will support increased opportunities for enrichment and acceleration, while continuing to support student development.


I have developed a survey that can be accessed by selecting the link below on our website.



The H-L Booster Club invites you to join us for our Annual

Alumni Basketball Games on Saturday January 11, 2014 at 6:00 PM in the George Doherty Gymnasium.

Hadley-Luzerne Eagles


Corinth Tomahawks

Admission will be $3.00 for adults and $1.00 for students. The concession stand will be open.  Alumni interested in playing, please contact Cassy Sehlmeyer for practice times at 321-6489


The Hadley-Luzerne Central School District is seeking parent and community volunteers to serve on a “playground committee.” The playground committee will meet during the school year in preparation for the reconfiguration and will report their recommendations to the board of education and superintendent of schools, under the supervision of Principal Cronin, Principal Hayes and Buildings and Grounds Superintendent, Mr. Wright.  Persons with an interest in the playground areas, construction and fundraising are encouraged to contact the district by December 31st.  Please call 696-2378 Ext. 108 and leave your name and contact information or email, or mail a correspondence to Paul Berry, Superintendent of Schools, Hadley-Luzerne Central School, P.O. Box 200, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846.  You will then be contacted to attend the first meeting.


To place a local business ad in the 2014 H-L Yearbook, please call 696-5029 for information. You can now pre-order your yearbook on-line at or in any school building office! (Click on parents and scroll to yearbook.)  Personalize your son or daughters yearbook for just $5.00 extra!


The purpose of the account is to add an additional media communication method to the school community. Community members are invited to follow us at HL_CSD.

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