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Eagle News 12/21/12


We are embarking upon a special season; a time filled with joy, gratitude, giving, and magical memories. I want to take this opportunity to wish each of you a joyous holiday season.

As we enter the holiday recess, I also want to take the opportunity to let you know what a great privilege it is to be able to work with your children and young adults. It is a privilege that I am grateful for each day.  I believe that the world is becoming more complicated.  A more complicated world requires educators (and we are all educators) to challenge ourselves and our students to work harder, to be more creative, and to expand their skills. Your children will require a much more diverse set of skills to be successful. Our collective role is to provide the important foundation for a life filled with opportunities to learn, to adapt, and to accomplish. The work is important; our success leads to a more successful future for our students, our community and our country. Our students mimic what they see. I am impressed with the efforts of our staff and community to engage our students in meaningful opportunities to learn, to grow and to serve which I have witnessed at the many events I have attended. I believe that positive character is built through these opportunities to serve. Our students, staff and community continue to generously give of their time and resources to support not only those in need in our local and surrounding communities, but far beyond our district borders. I hope that during this holiday season you will be able to take the time to reflect upon all that you cherish and that you will be able to spend quality time with those whom you love and care. The season passes too quickly, but contained within it are magical moments that honor the season’s true spirit and meaning; I hope you capture these moments and that at seasons end you can be refreshed and invigorated to continue our important work together as a school and community.



On November 7th six students from the Middle School and High School represented Hadley-Luzerne at a regional leadership conference held at the Great Escape Lodge in Lake George.  This conference was attended by students and staff members from all 31 component districts of the Washington-Saratoga-Warren-Hamilton-Essex BOCES.  The theme of this year’s event was “Setting Up for the Future” and featured Keynote Speaker, Ryan Moran, renowned youth motivational speaker. Regaling the audience with humorous anecdotes and engaging demonstrations, Mr. Moran highlighted the importance of positive attitude, being accepting of others, and the willingness to try new things throughout our lives. He invited all students to be part of the P.O.S.S.E. (representing the message to be Positive, be Open, be Sincere, have Spirit, and don’t be Exclusive of others).  Our students gained valuable perspectives from this experience and returned to school motivated to make a difference.  Sixth grader, Tanner DeMarsh, son of Todd and Pauline DeMarsh, noted: “this could help get kids into activities” and do “better things with their future.”   Mackenzie Jerome, seventh grader and daughter of Herb Jerome, predicted: “If put into action….following the steps of the speaker, we can grow stronger academically, emotionally, spiritually, artistically….as a whole student body, we can become something great.”  Eighth grade student Rhiannon Schorpp-Dettmann, daughter of Brian Dettmann and Tara Schorpp-Dettmann, stated that  “the speaker was very inspirational…he told us about personal experiences that kids can relate to. As leaders, we just have to reach out and help.”  Freshman, Anna Waterhouse, daughter of Michael and Janice Waterhouse, declared that “the motivational speaker, Superman (aka Ryan Moran) …kept everyone intrigued. He made brilliant points.  I hope to deliver the knowledge I gained today back to my school….I’m proud to be part of the P.O.S.S.E..”  Sophomore, Jesse DeMarsh, son of Gary and Colleen DeMarsh, indicated: “I believe that even with a small group….if we step up to the plate; we can spread the positive message.  We must apply P.O.S.S.E. to our everyday lives in our school, home, and community.  Small steps can make a huge difference.”  Wrapping up, Junior, Bill Scofield, son of Bill and Linda Scofield, concluded: this “conference is a reflection on our lives. It helped us think about ourselves as leaders and what we must do to help people feel wanted.”  Our students, as always, represented our school and our community in the most positive light.



2012-2013 Yearbooks for all grades PK-12 can be ordered on-line at or through any school building office! The price is $44 including tax.  Personalized yearbooks can be ordered at an additional cost. Order forms were sent home with each student. For more information please call 696-2112 x116 or visit our website.

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