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Superintendent's Views 8/24/12


I hope that this message finds you well and enjoying a wonderful summer. This school year, like the last, greets you with a new face in the superintendent’s office. I know that I speak for the entire community in expressing our sincere thanks to Bill Scott for his leadership. Public education is experiencing a time of great change. With change, I believe there is challenge and opportunity. I prefer to focus on the opportunities that change presents. Over the last year, we have been asked to prepare students to meet new and more rigorous academic standards; we have been asked to accept a new, more complex, evaluation system; we have been asked to become stronger consumers of assessment data; and finally, we have been asked to adopt each of these changes in the wake of the most severe economic climate that we have experienced in twenty years. Where are the opportunities?

I believe that we have the opportunity to change lives and positively influence the development of all students through the application of best practice;

I believe that we have the opportunity to collaborate as parents, grandparents and guardians to assist in the implementation of a vision for success for our district;

I believe that we have the opportunity to collaborate to provide excellence in education that is rewarded with positive achievement outcomes, that encourages pride, and results in increased community involvement and a continued willingness to invest in our programs.

I am excited to lead at this time of great change in public education. I hope that, as we approach the new school year, you are excited and eager to work to positively influence the development and the academic achievement of your children and grandchildren.

Here are some campus updates; it has been a busy summer:

Our capital project is in full swing; new roofs, air handling units, PA system and many other improvements are underway as part of a $2.4 million dollar project; Our summer success program, led by Jim Kneeshaw and his staff, has supported the academic development of our students; Our administrative team has worked to prepare for the new school year as well as to hire the right people to replace valued colleagues in transportation, family and consumer sciences and in foreign language. We welcomed Tim Hilker, our shared business administrator, to our team. We were saddened to hear that our Academic Services Administrator, Mike DeCaprio, accepted a position at BOCES, but grateful for his service to the district. Three half days have been scheduled throughout the year for professional development; September 27th, January 15th and March 14th. I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know many members of our school community; Finally, our school board members have continued to devote countless hours in support of the school district, its sound operation and fiscal management. I look forward to a great school year! I thank you, in advance, for everything that you do to make a difference in the lives of your children and grandchildren.



With current national attention being focused on children’s health and wellness issues, Hadley-Luzerne Central School District’s Food Service Department is excited to provide parents a convenient, easy and secure online prepayment service to deposit money into your child’s school meal account at any time.  This service also provides parents the ability to view your child’s account balance through a web site called (Please note this program name will change to mySchoolBucks in late September.)  By having money in each child’s account prior to entering the cafeteria, we find the lunch lines move along much faster so your child has more time to eat and be with friends.  Parents/Guardians will have the ability to print out a copy of their child’s eating history report that shows all dates and times that your child has purchased a breakfast and/or lunch within the past thirty days.

To access these services:

  1. Simply go to the district web site at
  2. Click on the Parents tab on top, follow down to cafeteria and over to the MyNutrikids Registration.
  3. Or go directly to (

From this site you will create your account and add money to your child’s school meal account.  All you need is your child’s name, student ID number and school ZIP code (please contact Cindy Woodcock at (518) 696-2112 Ext. 136 for ID number).  The instructions with this letter will guide you through the easy online account set up process.

Things to know:

If you have more than one child in the District you can handle all online prepayments from the same online account.

Payments may be made through an existing PayPal account or with a major credit or debit card.  In order to use the online prepayment service, a small convenience fee for each transaction will be assessed to cover the bank fees.  The convenience fee is $1.75 per deposit transaction. Please be aware that this will increase by 20 cents to $1.95 in late September. Parents placing money into multiple meal accounts will only be assessed the fee once per deposit transaction (so if you have more than one child and make a deposit for each at the same time, it will only cost you one deposit fee).  Hadley-Luzerne Central School District will not profit from the use of this site.  You may still view your child’s account and see balances without paying anything.  The only charge is for depositing money into your child’s account.  However, if you choose not to take advantage of the online prepayment service you may continue to make advance payments via check, which should be made payable to the Hadley Luzerne School District.  Please write your child’s full name on the check.   If you have any questions about these new services, please feel free to contact Cindy Woodcock at (518) 696-2112 Ext. 136.

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