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Eagle News 7/7/15


Starting July 1, 2015 due to the reconfiguration the school building names will be as follows:



         Grades PK-6

         27 Hyland Drive, Lake Luzerne

         696-2378 Ext. 101 Main Office



         Grades 7-12

         273 Lake Avenue, Lake Luzerne

         696-2112 Ext. 105 Jr./Sr. HS Main Office



Pre-K: Jamin Duell II

Kindergarten: Lillian Branieki, Chloe Homhaun, Nicholas Conklin
1st Grade:  Alexis Graham, Gregory Allen, Chandler Baker

2nd Grade:  Gabrielle Ives, Makayla Darrah, Nathen Tubbs



Roscoe Baker Award – Roscoe Baker Award - Highest Average in 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade - Erik Schreiner

Trooper Phil Poitier Honor/Leadership Awards

Eighth Grade – Jessica Skelly & Gary Spotswood

Seventh Grade – Jeremy Caradonna & Azriel Mack

Sixth Grade – Carson Costine & Athena Fisk

The American Citizenship Award is a national award for 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  The award recognizes the student that consistently exhibits the kind of behavior we want to see displayed in our school and in our community.

The sixth grade recipients are: Jane Broekhuizen, Carson Costine, Kayla Kenny, Isaiah Smead

The seventh grade recipients are: Alivia Deuel, Donald Harder, Kendra Prescott, Alyssa Starzec

The eighth grade recipients are:  Keira Baird, Sarina Cole, Totianna Nunez, Kassidy Plummer, Erik Schreiner

To receive the President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence, students must have a 90% or higher average in grades 5-8.  They also must receive a level  4 on the NYS exam for ELA and/or Math.  The winners of this prestigious award are:  Niamh Doherty, Shannon Price, Rheanna Fleming

The President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement goes to a student who has demonstrated tremendous growth, improvement and commitment to learning.  The following students are well deserving of this award:   Connor Hayes, Megan Skelly, Andrew Spraragen, Elijah Waterhouse, Rebecca Wells, Luke Barrett, Jeremy Caradonna, Joseph Foley, Michael Fuss, Azriel Mack, Kendra Mason & Reese Wheaton

The High Flying Eagle Award recognizes those students who consistently earned high honors or honor roll on their report cards for grades 5-8.  In other words, quarter after quarter, they would have earned a 90 or above average.  Congratulations to:Regan Baker, Mia Carbery, Niamh Doherty, Lilah Lugo, Shannon Price, Andrew Warner, Sarah Corliss, Rheanna Fleming, Emily Johnson, Delaney Moulton, Kassidy Plummer, Erik Schreiner, Jessica Skelly, Cody York

Office of the State Comptroller's Student Achievement Award

The sixth grade recipients are: Elaina Diamond & Dylan Smead

The seventh grade recipients are: Michael Fuss & Shannon Price

The eighth grade recipients are:  Jessica Skelly & Cody York

Hunter Scofield Character Award: Elaina Diamond & Caleb Granger

Math 7 Highest Average– Kendra Prescott and Dawson Dunn

Math 7 Outstanding Achievement and Effort Award - Charlotte Sanchez

8th Grade Excellence in Math - Peyton Lent, Mikayla Anderson, Jessica Skelly

Algebra Excellence in Math - Erik Schreiner & Emily Johnson

Cathy Tracy Award - Jillian Tigaldo

ELA 7 Excellence for Highest Average – Shannon Price

ELA 7 Academic Achievement – Jeremy Caradonna

ELA 7 Most Improved – Josh Bala

ELA 8 Excellence – Haylie Woodcock and Peyton Lent

ELA 8 Academic Excellence for Highest Average – Rheanna Fleming

ELA 8 Academic Achievement – Emily Johnson & Jessica Skelly

ELA 8 Most Improved – Sarina Cole

Sue Coughlan Reading Award – Jillian Tigaldao

Social Studies 8 Award – Jessica Skelly, Macie Clark, Peyton Lent, Kiera Baird

Science 7 Highest Average – Austin Bover & Anna Collier

Science 7 Outstanding contribution to class - Josh Bala & Charlotte Sanchez

Science 7 Certificate of Appreciation - Donald Harder, Luke Barrett & Dan McMahon

Accelerated Science 7 Highest average - Shannon Price & Niamh Doherty

Accelerated Science Outstanding contribution to Class: Kendra Prescott

Science 8 Highest average:  Zachary Lewandowski & Sarina Cole

Science 8 Outstanding Contribution to class: Dustin Shippee & Gary Spotswood

Living Environment 8 – Highest Regents Grade – Rheanna Fleming, Peyton Lent & Sean Brosnan

Living Environment Outstanding Contribution to Class - Emily Johnson & Erik Schreiner

Outstanding Achievement in Regents Biology – Emily Johnson & Erik Schreiner

Spanish 8 The Smarties Awards- Highest Grade - Emily Johnson & Erik Schreiner

Spanish 8 The Crunch Award- Greatest Effort - Reese Wheaton & Bryana Bennett

Spanish 8 The Payday Award - Hard Worker - Amanda Cook & Peyton Lent

French 8 Highest Average – Rehanna Fleming, Jessica Skelly & Cody York

Lion’s Club Peace Post Winners – Chelsea Mahoney and Rachel Persons

Artists of the Year – Rheanna Fleming and Emily Johnson

Hadley-Luzerne Calendar Contest Award Winner - Regan Baker (1st place) & Kendra Prescott (2nd place)

6th Grade Award for Artistic Excellence: Carson Costine, Arianna Davenport, Athena Fisk

Physical Education 7 – Alyssa Starzec, Danny McMahon

Physical Education 8 – Kassidy Plummer, Cody York, Reese Wheaton

Excellence in Music

6th Grade award winners are – Elaina Diamond & Isaiah Smead

7th Grade award winners are – Shannon Price & Jeremy Caradonna

8th Grade award winners are – Jessica Skelly & Cody York

Joe Dudley Dream Weaver Award for Technology– Totianna Nunez

Joe Dudley Dream Weaver Award for Greenhouse– Joe Eddy

Perfect Attendance:

6th grade–Elaina Amoroso, Destiny Hovey & Dustin Lashway

7th grade–Michael Fuss & Shannon Price

8th grade–Rheanna Fleming & Cody York



For current students in grades 2-7 who need preparation for the NY State ELA and Math Assessments?  The program is designed to provide a structured, proven, skills-based experience for students, which stress success in school.  Parents should have received an enrollment form that needs to be returned.  The HL Extended Day Summer Success and Enrichment Programs for the summer of 2015 will be held at the SMTES, 27 Hyland Drive, Mondays through Thursdays, (July 6th – July 30th) from 8:15 AM to 11:30 AM.

Students may attend an additional week of Exploratory Enrichment Programs from August 3rd – August 6th from 9:30-11:30 AM.  You will have to choose between the Cornell “Naturescapes” OR "STEAM" component held at the Hadley-Luzerne Library. Transportation is available for those who complete the transportation section on the student enrollment form for the enrichment week.  For more information call ESD Program Director, Mr. Kneeshaw at 696-2112 Ext. 105.



The Hadley-Luzerne Central School District is hiring two part time teaching assistants for $11.53 per hour following the school calendar starting on September 2, 2015.  Candidates, who hold a NYS Teaching Assistant Certificate or higher, may apply by completing a professional application available on and submit three references or apply on OLAS.  An application can be obtained/mailed to the Office of the Superintendent, Stuart M. Townsend School, PO BOX 200, 27 Hyland Drive, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846. 


The Hadley-Luzerne Central School District is hiring a full time mechanic with excellent benefits for $16.97 per hour. An application can be obtained at the Office of the Superintendent, Stuart M. Townsend School, PO BOX 200, 27 Hyland Drive, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846. 


The Hadley-Luzerne Central School District is accepting applications for a part time bus driver, substitute bus drivers, substitute bus monitors, substitute food service helpers and substitute cleaners. Applicants for substitute cleaner, substitute food service helper and bus monitor should complete an HL Employment Application on our website Substitute bus drivers should complete a NYS school bus driver application and submit three references. An application DS-870 can be obtained/mailed - at the Office of the Superintendent, Stuart M. Townsend Middle School, 27 Hyland Drive, PO BOX 200, Lake Luzerne or on the NYS Department of Motor Vehicle or website:  - Applicants should hold a CDL license with passenger and air brake endorsement; must have completed current school bus driver 30-hour course; must possess ability to meet all 19-A requirements ,  must also have an “S” endorsement and all NYSED and NYSDOT requirements to drive a school bus. Training is available to the right candidate.

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