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Eagle News 12/10/15


Congratulations to the following honor students at the Stuart M. Townsend Elementary School for the first quarter:

6TH GRADE - HIGH HONORS – Angelina Livingston, Ryan Lott Diamond, Connor Moulton

HONOR ROLL - Colin Berg, Sage Collier, Abigail Fleming, Tori Granger, Penny Horetzke, Katrin Schreiner

HONORABLE MENTION –   Elizabeth Allan, Finn Doherty, Angelina Fosmer, Quinton Fox, Sierra Guilder, Keith Mattison, Carter McIntosh, Julia Murray, Cameron Plummer, Elizabeth Tennant

5TH GRADE - HIGH HONORS – Alexandra Benway, Kiley Deuel, Aislynn Dixon, Aidan Price

HONOR ROLL –  Garrett Carlton, Jalynn DeVoe, Lindsey Grey, Katelyn Hanlon, Colby Hanna, Hannah Johnson, Elizabeth Lansburg, Emma Mack, Alexander Mattison, Emily Myers, Jackson O’Connor, Jack Waterhouse, Caeden Wilson

HONORABLE MENTION –  Jessica Amoroso, Alex Barrett, Kaylee Costine, Rachel Densmore, Carmyn Garrow, Heather Gratton, Joseph Harder, Liam Hughes, Jordanna Kenny, Xavier Lawrence, Dominic Locascio, Karolynn Palmatier, Olivia Palmatier, Tyler Plummer, Brock Quillan, Jenna Shannon, Trystan Shepard, Christian Tyler, Gabriel Willett


4TH GRADE - HIGH HONORS – Rebecca Friedman, Gabrielle Graham, Savannah Sullivan

HONOR ROLL – Mason Conklin, Mason Dunn, Lindsay Fortner, Karissa Fullerton, Matthew Harder, Leena Haskell, Hayden Winslow

HONORABLE MENTION –  Sarah Abbott, Jacob Aiken, Randi Allen, Kayden Beaver, Logan Cameron-Vanderwarker, Eugene Conroy, Hermione Eckerson, Leonard Fronhofer, Madison Haas, Justin Hull, Evan Kader, Landon Kelly, Landon LaVigne, Carolina Lott Diamond, Emily Moore, Matthew Scheff, Saiyuri Tillmon, Avery Willett, Cayden Williams



Starting Saturday, December 12th, basketball for all students in grades 2-3 is being offered under the direction of Mr. Robert Horvath on Saturdays starting December 12th at the Stuart M. Townsend Elementary School. Enrollment forms should be completed by December 11th.  Students must be dropped off and picked up on time or they will not be able to participate.  For more information contact Mr. Horvath at 696-2378 Ext. 101 or 696-5596.



The Hadley-Luzerne Central School District is accepting applications for substitute cleaners, substitute bus monitors and substitute bus drivers. Applicants for substitute cleaners and monitors should complete an HL Employment Application on our website or obtained an application at the Office of the Superintendent, Stuart M. Townsend Elementary School, 27 Hyland Drive, Lake Luzerne. Applicants for substitute bus drivers should complete a NYS school bus driver application and submit three references. An application DS-870 can be obtained/mailed - at the Office of the Superintendent, Stuart M. Townsend Elementary School, 27 Hyland Drive, PO BOX 200, Lake Luzerne or on the NYS Department of Motor Vehicle or website:  - Applicants should hold a CDL license with passenger and air brake endorsement; must have completed current school bus driver 30-hour course; must possess ability to meet all 19-A requirements,  must also have an “S” endorsement and all NYSED and NYSDOT requirements to drive a school bus. Training is available to the right candidate.


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