The mission of the HLCSD is to foster a positive, safe and healthy environment that will enable every student to achieve their highest potential. The district will partner with parents and community to empower students, celebrate in their successes, and support them along their educational journey.



At the turn of the eighteenth century, the first school in Hadley was formed. The year was 1791. The earliest record for a school in the town of Luzerne was 1813. For many years, students from both communities attended the same school. However, in 1838 both villages decided to operate their own separate schools. At the same time, there were Common school districts in all the townships, now covered by the Central District. In 1841 there were eight districts in the town of Hadley. In the 1860 school statistics, Hadley had seven districts with 360 pupils, Luzerne had thirteen districts with 622 pupils, Stony Creek had seven districts with 350 pupils, and Day had eleven districts with 556 pupils.

In 1891 Hadley Village (which was District #5) voted to build a new school for the staggering sum of $2,751.83. Apparently students from both villages attended this school. In 1898 the two districts (Hadley #5 and Luzerne #1) voted to form a Union Free School District. The need for a new building soon became apparent and in 1905 property was purchased on Main Street in Luzerne for this purpose. The building was completed in 1909 and in 1914 the name officially became "Hadley-Luzerne Union Free School". That building served the surrounding communities until it burned in 1954.

by Carolyn Hart Towers (’45)

Hadley-Luzerne Central School currently has an enrollment of 921 students, and consists of the HLCS Elementary/High School and the Stuart M. Townsend Middle School.