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The Hadley-Luzerne Central School District is deeply saddened by the sudden and tragic loss of Hunter Scofield. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.

The following post was written by a staff member and this reflection is how we are all feeling:

“Working at school is like having a second family, it doesn’t matter your position. Watching those children grow into young gentlemen and young ladies is like watching your own children growing up. The sad news about losing one of those children is heartbreaking; you see them running the hallways, going to classes, playing sports, sharing with their friends, and the next day one of them is not there anymore. You see them every day, maybe you don’t even know their name, but they are there, happy, alive, looking for a bright future. One of those students is gone; I cannot imagine the sadness of his family and his friends. One less student for the next school year, one less smile, one less friend, one less family member. God only knows why things happen, my heart goes out to his family, my heart is sad.  Repose in peace young man”


Hunter’s family has requested donations in his memory be directed to a scholarship in his name c/o any Glens Falls National Bank branch.

And remember:

“If you can’t learn to be friends with everyone, you can’t be friends with anyone.”





12TH GRADE – HIGH HONORS – Kaitlyn Ashline,

Savannah Heller, Ashley Leemans, Shannon Murphy,

Amanda N Powers, Rachel E Powers, William J Scofield, Leah Squicciarini, Benjamin A Wood

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Bailey J Peters, Alexandra Smith, Sean M Smith, Katie L Stranahan

HONORABLE MENTION – Issac Allen, Samantha J Allen,

Brandon Bal,l Dylen Bills, Cody J Carpenter, Marisa Clothier,

Heather M Emrick, Colby J Gilbert, Keana Ladd, Kristina Tennant, Devon R Thompson, Connor Trombly, Christopher VonSzilassy

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Kaitlin Milligan, Kylie Shufelt, Leila Silburn, Marianna VandenBogaard, Christopher Walker

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MacKenna MacGregor, Julia Spelter, Anna Waterhouse

HONOR ROLL – HUNTER SCOFIELD, Ashley Baer, Delbert Clement, Makenzie Ellis, Tomas Harrold, Caitlin Lambrecht, Sabrina Ziegler

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Taylor Necatera, Cody Patnode, Alexandra Samson

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Rachel Ziegler





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HONORABLE MENTION – Hannah Ashline, Katarina Ball, Gloria Berg, Valerie Coppola, Charliann Friedman, Cassy Guilder, Rachael Kipp, Timothy Valdivia, Gabrielle VanWie, Kara Vernum

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6TH GRADE – HIGH HONORS – Shannon Price

HONOR ROLL –  Michael Allan, Regan Baker, Austin Bover, Alivia Deuel, Niamh Doherty, Vivian Fisher, Joseph Foley, Michael Fuss, Donald Harder, Lilah Lugo, Azriel Mack, Kendra Prescott, Charlotte Sanchez, Andrew Warner

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HONOR ROLL –  Colin Berg, Sage Collier, Ryan Lott-Diamond, Abigail Fleming, Tori Granger, Sierra Guilder, Penny Horetzke, Julia Murray

HONORABLE MENTION –  Zachary Caldwell, Ivan Hemmings, Tori Iverson, Carter McIntosh, Katrin Schreiner